Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green eyed monster

Robin's Kerhonkson Kook bootlicker has posted a really weird piece on his smoked bacon blog. He talks about some Kerhonkson or Accord person nobody has ever heard of being angry at Sue Cummings for Cummings' support of a possible casino in the area. Then he gets all bent out of shape because this person is applauding Terry Bernardo for supporting a casino.

From this weird piece he posted, the Kerhonkson Kook somehow thinks that this is bad leadership on Bernardo's part.

Excuse us, but we at Mocking Robin think that being able to turn an opponent of a project into an ally is a pretty decent sign of good leadership. Maybe the Kook is pissed off because he and his ditzy wife spent so many years trying to bully people into doing what they want and it never worked. Maybe the Kook is upset because he thinks he's smarter than everyone else and can't understand why things aren't working for him the way he thinks they should be.

Jealousy is an ugly thing. Especially when you're jealous of something like intelligence or talent, things in which you can never catch up to the other guy. Let's all pity the Kook.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hein sight

Robin Yess has changed her tactics. Instead of fighting for smaller government she is backing county exec Mike Hein, a big government democrat.

Why, you ask?

Simple. Terry Bernardo and Mike Hein have been feuding and Robin is stupid enough to believe that the enemy of her enemy is her friend. Trouble is, Hein is a politician. He helps people who can bring him votes. That's the way the game works. This doesn't make him corrupt, it just makes him a politician.

Robin has no influence with anyone. She can't help Hein with anything. This game of hers will get her nothing.

This is just another sign that Robin Yess doesn't understand politics. And another sign that she doesn't believe in smaller government. Robin only believes in hurting the people who don't back her.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We had no choice, we had to come back

For a little while it looked like Robin Yess and her dingbat brigade were going to stick mostly to real political issues. If that's all she did, we would have no issue with her and the dopes who swarm around her like moths around a flame. So we stayed quiet to see how things would develop.

But she has decided to go back to her hateful self.

She put up a nasty, offensive post about Richard Cahill which has no basis in reality.

We at Mocking Robin think it makes more sense to link to Cahill's response than to write one of our own.

We just have the same question we asked when Robin and the Kerhonkson Kook first started going after Cahill. What the hell is wrong with these stupid, stupid people? Why did they think it was a good idea to start going after Cahill in the first place? The guy is one of the best election lawyers in the Hudson Valley. He has more brains in one of his farts than Robin and her siamese twins from Kerhonkson do in their three bodies put together. And he never gives up. You make an enemy of Cahill and he will tear you apart. Just look at the post he wrote about the Kerhonkson Kook.

This is just one more sign that Robin Yess and the rest of her laughing academy shop class are truly dumb people.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Robin Yess's website has a post which includes a copy of an article written by one of her hangers on in defense of her silliness. Mocking Robin is mentioned in the article. One of the things the author writes is that he contacted Mocking Robin through our comments section to ask for an interview.

This is true. He did make contact with us. After a long discussion, we took a vote about whether to respond. The vote was almost unanimous. Only one of us wanted to answer his questions.

The reason we decided to ignore his request is simple. He is not unbiased. He was obviously writing a fluff piece to defend the reprehensible attack blog run by Robin Yess and her ridiculous little band of crotchety complainers.

The person who wrote the piece has a blog which is full of weird things. In April, he posted a vide which claimed to prove that JFK was shot by his own driver. He said that an anti-terrorist exercise by the Kingston PD was an experiment in martial law. In a post he called "Books or Boobs?" he put up a photo of a woman with massive breasts, cupping them to hold them up and added underneath: "I wasn't thinking of Sheyla Hershey, who has the world's largest breasts, when I wrote the headline, but a picture of her boobs is more interesting than one of O'Reilly the boob." He calls Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich "goofballs like Rick Sanitarium and Speaker Newt Moonbeam."

When writing about Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV show, he says "I think Jesse Ventura is performing a major public service. Whether the power plant in Alaska is really a Tesla death ray machine or there were bombs used at the World Trade Center on 9/11 are grist for Ventura's imagination."

He seems to fit in just fine with Robin's paranoid little cabal.

For the record, we did not post his comments because they were not actually comments. They were private messages to the writers at Mocking Robin. we knew he would take a few quotes and use them out of context but that's OK. That's what Robin and her followers do. We stand by what we have written on this blog since we started it. Robin is an angry, bitter person who does not understand that she was not forced out of her republican chair position by a conspiracy. She was forced out by her own incompetence. The same people who voted her in made her resign. You can either say they were right both times or they were wrong both times. To say they were right when they gave her what she wanted and wrong when they took it away from her is just proof of how self centered Robin really is.

Just because this person writes a biased piece for a small local paper doesn't change the truth.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smarter Charter

Robin Yess's latest post is a doozy. She proves that she doesn't understand the way government works. She accuses Terry Bernardo of manipulating the county charter revision process just because the laws and rules committee did not totally accept the report of the charter revision commission. What Robin is saying is that just because the Legislature is chaired by Bernardo, it should abandon its duties and not review and modify the changes suggested by the commission. She wants to replace the judgment of people elected by the voters with the suggestions of an appointed commission.

No wonder Robin couldn't run the republican committee. She doesn't even understand how democracy works.

The Charter says "Within five years after the enactment of this Charter, and at least every 10 years thereafter, a Charter Revision Commission shall be appointed to review and make recommendations to the County Executive and Legislature on amendments, additions or revisions to this County Charter."

Recommendations, Robin. Do you understand English? Recommendations.

That does not mean anybody is supposed to accept those suggestions without questions. The commission is made up of our neighbors. They aren't dictators. What is really disrespectful to these people is to assume that they would be insulted or feel disrespected because the legislature does not consider them to be God. These people are adults and knew when they went in there that their suggestions would be reviewed and modified. You want to treat them with respect? Don't act as if they are children and need to be protected. And don't use them as a political weapon.

And why does Robin feel the need to point out that Richard Cahill didn't attend as many meetings as the others? Is this another shot at Cahill, who is being viciously attacked by Robin's Kerhonkson pit bull? Cahill joined the commission later. Of course he didn't attend as many meetings as the other members did. Making mention of that without being clear about the reason is just nasty.

We at Mocking Robin believe that the list of people who Robin owes an apology to is growing by the day. And it is getting really, really long.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New blog

We just received a comment about a new blog called Ulster Asylum. It's pretty funny. Looks like Robin and her stupid friends are pissing off more people all the time.

We at Mocking Robin say The more the merrier.

Discriminating Minds

Robin Yess's Kerhonkson Kook buddy is at it again. Doesn't this guy get it?

First he reposts a comment attacking Len Bernardo for hurrying a zumba group out of his riunk when a group of Jewish boys was coming in "to make sure that a group of boys didn lay eyes on us lest their religion blow up in their faces..."

Then, he posts a piece claiming his ditzy wife not winning anything is the result of discrimination.

Is the Kerhonkson Kook really this dumb? Or is it that he just doesn't care that people know what a hypocrite he is when he uses prejudiced remarks to attack Bernardo but then uses the discrimination card to benefit his wife?

Either way, if these are the kinds of people Robin counts on, her little group of misfits is screwed.