Thursday, June 21, 2012

Push poll disgust

Now Robin is going too far. She has put up a ridiculous poll asking how you would classify someone who take benefits away from someone who has stage 4 cancer. The possible answers were Malicious, Evil, Heartless and All of the Above.

We at Mocking Robin are not sure who the cancer patient is but we can be sure of three things. One, since no one has the opportunity to choose anything but a bad vote, the results will be 100% what she wants. Hardly a poll anybody can trust. Two, Robin is going to twist whatever circumstance she is going to reveal into something it really isn't. It won't be the first time. Three, dragging a cancer patient into her political sickness is All of the Above. That's our vote at Mocking Robin.


  1. Uh, to call this a push poll is pretty idiotic, even coming from you, Terry. Robin's intention was obviously to lampoon your abhorrent behavior. The fact that this is lost on you doesn't come as a surprise.

  2. Lmao. You really have no clue. This is too funny. How much time do you Robin followers spend trying to figure out who writes which blog? If you only knew who we really are here, you would be shocked. Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out we were closer to Robin than she imagines? Not that we're saying we actually are. Just, you know, idle chit chat.

    If you actually had proof of wrongdoing on Terry Bernardo's part, you would present it. You do about everything else so why not this? So far all we have seen is innuendo and whispers.

    Robin and her cockroach patrol are pathetic.